Replace Manual CS supervision with Automated Supervisor

Let the AI monitor 100% of your customer support interactions. Identify tone of voice & spelling mistakes and issues leading to customer & revenue losses.

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Why use

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    Save time

    Save 25%-50% of your Customer Support & QA Leaders and Supervisors time.

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    Get data for KPIs

    Evaluate your agents based on data from 100% of their conversations.

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    Boost revenues

    Identify potential customer and revenue losses and earn up to 10% more.

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    Compare languages

    Compare your multi-lingual CS teams. 20+ languages supported.

How it works

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Common mistakes

It keeps an eye on…

… issues such as Missing Call-to-Action (link to the product / service), Unanswered customer questions, Incorrectly resolved requests, No alternative product offered (and losing a deal), Vulgar words, Missing apology, etc.

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    Tone-of-voice and spelling mistakes
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    Customer Satisfaction influencing issues
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    Revenue influencing issues

How to start

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    an account
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    Try dummy data based interactive demo
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    Connect to your Helpdesk or CRM
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    Start to monitor your communication
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Easy integrationinto your Helpdesk and CRM

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Multi-language Monitoring supports more than 20 languages widely used on the American & European continents.

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Privacy & Safety

Your data
is safe with us

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    We don’t use any personal information for our AI models.
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    We don’t share your data with anyone else.
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    We are GDPR compliant.

Why Customers choose

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    “ Before, we went through agent conversations manually, only able to check a tiny percentage of our communications. Since AI Supervisor has automated our QA, we can easily compare qualities of our agents in real-time and reward them clearly based on 100% of their interactions. “

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    Home & Furniture market place

    “ Thanks to Supervisor, we automated our quality assurance and we can monitor all our agent conversations. So, our customer service supervision is much more effective, and agents have more insights about the way they communicate with customers. “

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    Sport stores & eshops

    “ Being friendly and helpful to our customers is our priority. That’s why, we cannot imagine our day to day operation without It really helps, not only with communication monitoring and QA automation, but also with correcting any issue we discover. “

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Ai supervisor

Let’s join forces to prevent Customer & Revenue Losses.

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